Terms and Conditions

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Important information for revised prices: Our budget prices can be affected by the following criteria: The day of arrival: As some of our suppliers have a week rate and a weekend rate, as well as peak and non-peak rates, this of course will affect the rates. The final package may have to be slightly modified due to availability, such as golf courses closed on certain days etc. In order to supply you with an accurate rate and an accurate itinerary, please supply us with the date of your arrival in South Africa. The number of persons: The number of people partaking in the particular tour does not only have an effect on the price “per person” but also the type of vehicle required, as well as us ensuring that we are adhering to legal requirements. In order to supply you with an accurate rate and to ensure that we are seeing to your comforts and well-being, please supply us with the amount of people and their gender. Rooming arrangements: As each group is different and people’s requirements are different! Thus, we need to have each person’s requirements as to whether they would want to share with a travel companion or not. Or whether there are couples or not, etc! This information will allow us to supply you with your requested requirements and privacy.

Please Note: Prices are merely a budget price. Prices are based on the amount of people as stipulated above, and would need to be revised should the amount of people as stipulated change at all. Price is based in local currency (South African Rands) Z.A.R. The price is a net rate. Bookings are essential so please allow us ample time to make the necessary arrangements in order to provide a service of excellence to you. We therefore require a 30% deposit to be paid upon booking with us. We require that the balance of the payment be paid into our bank account at least 40 days prior to the commencement of the tour. Payment in full before commencement of tour. When no bookings have been made, the package is subject to change, should any parts of the programme not be available due to circumstances when bookings are made by EgoliGolf/Alive In Africa. EgoliGolf/Alive In Africa reserves the right to alter the itinerary due to any conditions that are not in our control, such as weather, traffic etc. No smoking is allowed on board the vehicles. In the event of a breakdown, EgoliGolf/Alive In Africa will do all in their power to correct the situation, but will however not be held liable for any costs or delay caused as breakdowns are unforeseen. EgoliGolf/Alive In Africa will not be held liable for any loss or damage to private property. Quotation and proposal is valid for a period of 30 (thirty) days and is subject to change due to the exchange rate and unforeseen increases from our suppliers. In the event of cancellations – 45 to 30 days, a loss of 20%. – 29 to 15 days, a loss of 50%. – 14 to 0 days, a loss of 100%. EgoliGolf/Alive In Africa make use of only legally Theta trained and qualified tour guides, in terms of the Tourism Second Amendment Act 70 of 2000.